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Blue Ash Review Online Vol.1


Welcome to the first release of the Blue Ash Review Online–the digital companion to the longstanding print Blue Ash Review annual literary magazine of University of Cincinnati’s Blue Ash College. Started just one year after the founding of the college in 1967 (the college turned 50 in 2017), the Blue Ash Review has been highlighting good art and writing by students, faculty, staff, community members, and visiting artists for decades. The 2018-2019 academic year marks the print Review’s 50th anniversary.

We’re honoring this timeline by extending the Review’s publication to the digital world. We’ve curated in this online space media, art, and text, the best of what students, staff, faculty, community, and visiting artists have created and shared. As does the print publication, the Blue Ash Review Online celebrates the arts, expanding from visual and written forms to include spoken and multi-media modes. Vehicles for expression may change, but good art does not; we aim to create an experience with every issue that leaves you thinking and feeling and maybe even a little awed.

-Claudia Skutar
Blue Ash Review Online Editor

Table of Contents

Special Features

Merle as Muse

  • Karen George
  • Richard Hague
  • D. R. James
  • Eileen Tabios
  • Janet McFadyen
  • Kevin Oberlin
  • Pauletta Hansel
  • John Trause
  • Rhonda Pettit
  • Roy W. Jones
  • Michael Henson
  • Matthew Birdsall
  • H. Michael Sanders
  • Robert Murphy
  • Grace Curtis

Student Manifestos

  • Sydney Brunner
  • Shannon Chalmers    
  • Lauren Kahrs 
  • Scott Martin
  • Ariana Miller
  • Aliyah Motley
  • Aya Samra    
  • Brittany Shumate
  • More on Manifestos

Student Book Productions

  • Kendra Carper
  • Mike Gaines
  • Nathan Hoover
  • Melissa Jackson
  • Danielle Jonas
  • Rachel Kauffman
  • Victoria Lantz
  • Korinna Reed
  • Katy Schwartz

Found Poems

  • Maya Addison
  • Gary Corvi
  • Devyn Dent
  • Tom Garino
  • Alex Huckleberry
  • Corey Jackson
  • Margarita Medina
  • Jared Patterson
  • Alyssa Tepe

Recurring Features

Media Channel

  • Kirsten Allen
  • Katie Combs
  • Josh Carrero
  • Maria Maldonado
  • Scott Martin
  • Aya Samra

2017-2018 Scary Story Contest Winners

  • Morgan Huber
  • Athena Babcock
  • Aaron Doyle

2017-2018 Flash Fiction Contest Winners

  • Lou Beresford
  • Jerome Koch

2017-2018 Café Contest Winners

  • Poetry Café: College Division
    • Rachael Munns | Corey Jackson
  • Poetry Café: High School Division
    • Kay Kemp | Avery Dorsch | Elise Loux
  • Poetry Café: Song Writing Division
    • Abbigayle Richards | Hawa Tarawally
  • Poetry Café: Featured Poet
    • Mary Ann Taylor-Hall

Short Fiction

  • Jared Patterson
  • Alyssa Tepe